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Into its 28th year of operations in the Tours & Travel Trade, Spiritual Retreats, Films Productions & Voluntary Services.
Our staff is thoroughly conversant with International Life Style. Top Quality service is priority one. Our Tour leaders are exceptionally experienced and competent. We are very flexible to cater to personal preferences and needs, not only before but also during the tour. Our itineraries are imaginatively planned and flawlessly executed. As, we know the area as our own backyard. Emergency medical aid is on hand at every stage. Breakaway and add-on trips can be easily incorporated. We give the best value for your money.

Rooted in antiquity, legends and mystique, Garhwal Himalayan region, lies in the Northwest of Uttarakhand State of India. The adobe of Gods, store houses of antiquity, Himalayan cultural richness, a heaven for adventure lovers, wildlife watchers, Photo enthusiasts and is as essential on a Pilgrims itinerary. The silent wilderness of mysterious forests, picturesque valley & snow clad peaks, which, come together to offer a romance hithero unseen, unheard or untold. Apart from organising our own tours, we are the handling agents to many of the National & Internationally renowned Travel & Tourism Companies.

There are four verticals that define our Tour & Travel company –

Travel, for many is an act of indulging for a “Change”. For few though, it holds the potential to change the traveler himself. This change, which we call ‘Explore Life’, is at the core of everything we do at Mohan’s Adventure Tours & Travels company. This journey started in 1989, and has gradually witnessed growth, with more and more people wanting to experience Life through adventure and realizing their fantasies..

EXPERIENTIAL TOURS : We believe travel is more about ‘doing’ and less about ‘seeing’. So we try and craft experiences. Experiences which you can engage, you can either choose to ride a motorcycle or settle for a comfortable jeep safari, you ride atop an elephant or drive in an open jeep in the forest.

THEMATIC TOURS : All of us are not alike as travelers. We are all different in the way we choose to travel. Some of us love the peace at the mountain top, others love the hardship of an exhausting trek, few love to capture the beauty of nature with a lens. Some just love making new friends & knowing about different cultures or walk the tribal areas inside the forest. It is in consideration of this aspect of travel that we base these tours.

OFFBEAT TOURS : Most of us have always taken the known paths within destinations we select. Our team is in constant search of that little by lanes in the territory where footsteps and tyre marks have not yet been seen. While this is a difficult task, we do succeed often in bringing to you that offbeat programs.

PLAN ASSIST : Extraordinary tours do not just happen. We at Mohan’s are here to assist you with all of your planning needs and guarantee an amazing memorable journey. If you are looking for hotel accommodations, creative itineraries, unique restaurants or a 24 x 7 backup team and vehicle. Our friendly and knowledgeable destination experts are always here to help.

Words from some of our esteemed Guests :

Sir Edmund Hillary (First Man to Climb Mt. Everest : “There are a few places in the World with such a variety, my wife and I are a great supporter of the wonderful Garhwal Himalayas of Uttarakhand and also the whole of India, we recommend it, wherever we go. Thank you Sanjeev for everything, we shall meet again”.

Kate Winslet (Lead actress of Hollywood film “Titanic” : “Visit to Haridwar, Tribal people in Rajaji National Park and its surrounding forest area was a real highlight of my visit to India. Thank you is not enough Sanjeev, because you changed some of my views about India, my life and I achieved, what I had come for”.