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My passion is learning about Life through traveling and exploring new things. It excites me when I visit new places, learn about different Cultures, and see other people live a Life that is different from mine. I simply love to travel because it makes me realize the World is incredibly beautiful and there is so much to admire and treasure. Furthermore, I love the feeling I get when I explore new ideas, histories, beliefs, and sceneries. It not only increases my knowledge, but also helps me overcome problems I may be dealing with. I get to experience Life’s problems and pleasures, and explore beyond my personal bubble to become a better person through exploring new Cultures. Traveling is my passion because it is an activity, I am not afraid of pursuing. I learn more about myself and expand my horizons every time I take a trip.

There’s so much out there of the World to experience – different cultures, breathtaking landscapes, wildlife and people from all walks of Life.
Like all great travelers, I have seen more than I remember, and remember more than I have seen. All travel has its advantages. If the passenger visits better countries, he may learn to improve his own. And if fortune carries him to worse, he may learn to enjoy it. A traveler without observation is a bird without wings.

Then in traveling there is the other path, of Adventure. Real adventure – self-determined, self-motivated, often risky – forces you to have firsthand encounters with the World. The World the way it is, not the way you imagine it. Your body will collide with the Earth and you will bear witness. In this way you will be compelled to grapple with the Limitless, Kindness and Bottomless cruelty of Humankind – and perhaps realize that you yourself are capable of both. This will change you.